Car window tinting is a very delicate process. One of the most common problems you’ll find are bubbles in the window film. Unique Visions wants you to understand this issue so you can keep your vehicle looking its best. Here are three common causes of bubbles in tinted windows.

  1. It’s the way the film set – It’s important to note that seeing bubbles in your window film is normal – but only during the setting process. When film is first laid onto your car’s auto glass, it will still have a lot of flexibility. As the film dries and mold onto the glass, it will become taut. This will push out any air bubbles. However, if you still have bubbles after the film sets, there may be a problem with the tinting.
  2. Careless installation – Window film that’s poorly installed will almost always have bubbles. This is why it’s so important to use professional car window tinting services. The tints must be installed so that any air that’s trapped has a chance to escape.
  3. Trapped dirt – Finally, bubbles can stem from dust and dirt that’s trapped under the film. As you can imagine, if you try DIY car window tinting, you’re very likely to trap some dirt under the film. The pros have the equipment, training, and experience needed to keep this from happening.

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