Driving while facing the sun’s glare can be almost unbearable. Not only is this uncomfortable for your eyes, it can also be a potential driving hazard. Here at Unique Visions, we want to help you drive as safely as possible. Here’s how car window tinting can reduce glare.

Glare with clear glass

If glare is an issue, dirty windows may make it even worse. But even if your auto glass is clean, it won’t help block the sun’s rays. Putting on sunglasses won’t help much either, especially when the sun is angled directly towards your face.

Glare with car window tinting

In contrast, car window tinting greatly reduces glare while also increasing the overall safety of your vehicle. Window tints are the most efficient way to keep glare from hindering your vision. Window tinting film is formulated specifically to block UV rays. You’ll be more comfortable as you drive and your car will stay cooler, too.

If you’re looking to reduce the effects of the sun’s glare by installing car window tinting, call Unique Visions today. Our auto glass tinting technicians will look at your vehicle and make recommendations that will improve your car’s appearance while blocking glare. Let us fix your problems with glare once and for all!