Car window tinting technicians do their jobs with expertise, care, and precision. But if you go to someone who doesn’t do a great job, it can look terrible. So how do you know if you’ve gotten a poor window tinting job on your car? Unique Visions wants to share three signs that you may not have gotten the best quality work.

  1. The tint’s edges don’t look good – A good car window tinting job will have clean, tight edges. Poor tinting will no doubt have the opposite appearance. Uneven edges are one of the easiest ways to spot a bad job.
  2. There are bubbles and gaps that won’t go away – Tint bubbling is common during the initial setup and setting period. However, bubbles and gaps that last are not. If you’ve got bubbles in your window tint long after you got it installed, consider going somewhere else to have it evaluated.
  3. The color of your tint has turned purple – While purple may be a very pretty color, seeing your car’s window tint turn purple is a bad sign. It usually means the tint’s quality was poor.

Avoid a bad car window tinting job by coming to Unique Visions. Our highly trained, dedicated tinting technicians will expertly install window film on your vehicle. Call or come by today to learn more. We’re just a short drive from anywhere in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, and Chester, SC.