When you get your windows tinted, you want them to be perfect. But sometimes they’re not, either due to a poor installation job or the natural aging process of the window film. Bubbles are one thing you might notice. Streaks are another. What causes streaks to form on your car window tinting? Unique Visions is here with some of the main causes of this problem.

What causes streaks on car window tint?

While streaks could be a sign of a defect in the window tinting film, that’s not always the case. In many cases, trapped particles from the window’s weatherstripping are the culprit. This strip is designed to catch dirt and other debris particles but what’s caught on the strip can wind up trapped behind your window tinting. Cars that have both exterior and interior weatherstripping will typically see fewer streaks. Cars that only have exterior weatherstripping will have a higher chance of developing streaks and scratches. What can I do to avoid streaks?

How can you keep streaks from happening?

First and foremost, talk to a professional car window tinting business about the matter. If you notice a problem with your film, go to a company that tints windows to have them check it out. In Rock Hill, Lancaster, Fort Mill, and Chester, SC, come to Unique Visions for all your car window tinting needs.