As a homeowner, you want privacy for your family. However, you may not always have it due to the way your home is situated or due to the placement of your windows. If the windows in your home don’t give you the privacy you need and want, there are options. Have you considered getting home window tinting? Tinted windows provide protection for your property against sun damage, break-ins, and curious people. Here are three types of privacy window film that Unique Visions wants you to know about.

  • Blackout & Whiteout Film: As the names imply, these films block out light during the day. While no one can see inside your home, you may not be able to see out of them either. Prepare for complete darkness when you install these tints.
  • Low Visible Light Transmittance Film: Also known as one-way mirror films, low visible light transmittance films provide sufficient privacy during the day. Darker and more reflective, these films keep outsiders from being able to look inside your home. Be aware that at nighttime, the tint effect reverses. Others may be able to see in while you can’t see out.
  • Translucent Film: Privacy window tints that appear blurry or frosted are called translucent film. A smaill amount of light is able to pass through these films. However, your visibility out will be limited to only shadows.

Are you interested in installing privacy window film at your home? Unique Visions can help! Call our Rock Hill, SC office for home window tinting that gives you the comfort and security you’re looking for.