When you’re trying to find the best auto window tinting option for your vehicle, it’s important to consider all the different types of film that are on the market. Dyed window film is one of the more popular window tinting choices, but there are other options that also provide sufficient results. Take metalized window film, for example. There are some interesting features that make this product the perfect film for some drivers. Unique Visions has the rundown on this type of window tinting.

What is metalized window film?

Metalized window film is specializes in blocking out heat. It’s made from two layers. The first layer of adhesive ensures that the film is firmly attached to your auto glass. The heat and UV protection comes from the film’s second layer.

While this film is great for keeping out the heat and harmful UV rays, it does have some drawbacks. Some drivers have noticed that this type of auto window tinting interferes with their car’s electronics. Always talk to a professional about whether this type of film is the best for you.

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