Automotive Window Tinting

There are many reasons why you should choose automotive window tinting for your car or truck. Automotive window tinting keeps your car cooler during the summer, protects your vehicle’s interior from cracking and fading, reduces glare for safer driving, and increases privacy. Whether you choose glass tinting for these reasons or just to give your car or truck a custom look, Unique Visions has the right solution for you.

You’ve probably seen glass tinting jobs that just don’t look good. Inexperienced companies or do-it-yourselfers may not properly apply the tint. If this isn’t done correctly, air or dirt particles can become trapped during the application process. This can lead to unsightly bubbles in the film. Unfortunately, the only to correct the problem if this happens is to remove the tint and completely start over. That’s inconvenient and costs you extra money. Plus, the glass may get scratched if the tint is removed incorrectly. That can cause air pockets to form, creating bubbles on any attempt to reapply the tint.

When it comes to automotive window tinting, don’t settle for second best. Trust your car or truck to a professional tinter. At Unique Visions, we’ve served the Rock Hill, SC area for years. In fact, we’re one of the area’s best known names in the glass tinting business.

In addition to only employing experienced window tinters, we use the latest technology to make sure you’re getting the best possible result for your vehicle. We use the FilmDesigns Advanced Cutting System, a state of the art cutting system that creates the exact cut for your vehicle’s make and model. It’s like having the film custom cut for your car or truck. There’s no better way to guarantee a smooth application and standout appearance.

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